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    3. Tianjin Jiuri Chemical Co., Ltd. more

      Tianjin Jiuri New Materials Co., Ltd., (or Tianjin JIURI Chemical Co., Ltd.) is the largest photoinitiator manufacturer in the world. Tianjin JIURI New Materials, founded in 1998,registered capital¥83,420,000, is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in R&D,manufacturing, sales and service of photoinitiators monomers, oligomers, UV absorbers. In 2012, JIURI New Materials was listed in the NEEQ as the first public enterprise in photoinitiator industry in China.

      Address:C-5/6, Vision Hill,No.1 Gonghua Road, Huayuan Hi-tech Park, Tianjin, China.300384    Tel:+86-22-58330788    Fax:+86-22-58330770    Stock code:430141